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tv   13 News 530  ABC  February 2, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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news and hampton roads area and that's a long term effect if we lose that human capital of the shipyard has said that the total number of layoffs could reach fifteen hundred meaning if that number held the math is that another two hundred eighty two people could still be let go and a series of food drives for the lay off workers has already been planned. we'll have that information on our website thirteen years now dot com reporting live by cutting thirteen years now to crooks got away with a pizza in cash and portsmouth police are looking for those suspects tonight police say the suspects robbed the canals delivery driver at gunpoint overnight on avondale road and at beech hill road. that's south of where i to sixty four crosses over victory boulevard were told the driver is ok if you have any information about the robbery call the crime line and a video tonight of the coast guard in action watch as a crew rescued a sixty one year old woman yesterday from a cruise ship has happened off the coast of
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said to be unconscious and the helicopter crew roster to sin cara norfolk general hospital and she still there tonight justin officials say a patient came down with physique a virus through sexual transmission as coming from the dallas county health and human services in texas a person claims they had sexual contact with someone who came from a country where zeke is present it is normally spread through mosquito bites the world health organization declared the sink a virus of global health emergency yesterday. new information on the events leading up to a military chopper crash in hawaii that killed twelve marines three days before the two choppers crashed the commander of that squadron was fire. no other details were released as the crash is still being investigated. the coast guard initially reported the choppers collided with the marine said later they're not sure if there was a collision the top american commander in afghanistan is blaming problems with the afghan security forces on
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john campbell testified before the house armed services committee today campbell said the afghan national army has replaced ninety two general officers but more leadership changes need to be made. president obama plans to cut u s troop numbers in afghanistan from the current ninety eight hundred to fifty five hundred before he leaves office today the senate armed services committee talked about women in combat roles and how the new policy will be implemented the big question is whether standards would need to be lowered for women u s senator tim kaine expressed his support for fully integrating women and two women in service members and all combat units. he drew a comparison to the fact that thirty years ago women were not allowed to run the marathon in the olympics daughters race today and theres different than carter's thirty years ago when there is a social cap or ceiling or limitation that sort of gets absorbed by
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focus on what they might be able to do army and marine corps leaders think the full integration process will take a few years. one of the big decisions that still needs to be made is if women should be registered for draft new efforts in the search for a former fbi agent who went missing in iran nine years ago the fbi is using facebook to get the word out about robert levinson the fbi this post is in farsi and ask for information eleven says whereabouts. levinson was working for the c i a on an unauthorized mission when he disappeared in two thousand and seven the iranian government has never acknowledged arresting him the fbi also joining the investigation into the flint water crisis the investigating team includes u s postal inspection service and the epa flint switched its water source from detroit's water system to the flint river twenty fourteen to save money. the river water wasn't treated properly and land from pipes. leach didn't afford homes officials
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or civil charges might follow a family got a surprise package in the mail from the carolina panthers but i had to look at the name twice the manger was for us why the super bowl bound team took the time to pen the personal letter and bill cosby is trying to get the felony charges against him thrown out by now who testified against the comedian in court today and did you like the temples we saw yesterday more than the much chilli or readings today if so while instagram listen to my short term forecast and on the traffic network the interstates are now accident free but delay so remained around our bridges and tunnels so that includes this one in norfolk
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sixty four westb (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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. the teacher accused of helping three california inmates escape is out of jail prosecutors say they will not charge the forty four year old woman who taught at the jail she was suspected of giving inmates a map that help them figure out how to escape
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have charged another person a man accused of smuggling weapons into the jail for the inmates. the washington d c council is set to debate marijuana use in private businesses today. advocates are pushing the district to extend the current pot smoking restrictions be on private residences the council will decide whether to permanently ban pot smoking inside businesses or clubs that charge a membership fee congress previously barred dc from loosening its pot laws advocates insist there are loopholes that would allow smoking in designated places the family of a north carolina man who died during a swimming trip is thanking his favorite football team police say jonathan puritan drowned in august last year days before the eighteen month anniversary of his death his family stumbled on a package on their doorstep in charlotte. it was from the carolina panthers and it contained team t shirts signed pictures and a letter
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rivera honestly when i start reading the letter writer's program cry. this is the time for the panthers be focus on the panthers' thing going to super bowl win for them to take time out to acknowledge you know jc. it is not to make a family plans to watch the superbowl together on february seven which would have been jonathan's twenty third birthday and bo jingles is coming above is going above and beyond to make sure the carolina panthers still right at home in california as we speak the fast food chain is making its way across the country and of bo jingles band to make sure the team is supplied with carolina sweet tea on friday the jingles is tweeting their trip using the hashtag tea for panther nation right it's the first hearing in the criminal sex assault case against bill cosby the prosecutor decided not to charge cause cosby years ago took the stand what he said in court and plans for reform in the classroom details on
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and save failing schools in north carolina and why some don't support it and coming up at six two young boys thrown from a van during a
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i will cause me face the judge today he walked into a pennsylvania courthouse this morning for
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was charged with sexual assault. the former district attorney who chose not to prosecute costing more than a decade ago was in court as a key witness for the defense say this is elizabeth kerr explains why the defense thinks that testimony could help them get dismiss the bill cosby entering court today without answering questions from reporters is hoping to walk out of court free of sexual assault charges filed against him testifying for the defense is former district attorney bruce castor explaining he did not believe there was a strong criminal case against the comedian back in two thousand for citing red flags in the case including the fact that the accuser in the case first contacted more years then waited a year after the alleged assault to go to police. soak after confirmed a deal was made an oral agreement that said cause we wouldn't be charged if he testified in a civil suit for the current da maintains because the deal
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approved by a judge that agreement is not binding moyer korea already in court in california for another civil case involving cars be called the defense's arguments nonsense. i find it a bit ironic that mr. cosby who would seek to exclude evidence that he in fact gave way leads to women when that was his testimony does he want to exclude the truth. it was last december just days before the statue of limitations was set to expire the embattled comedian was charged with drugging and sexually assaulting former temple university employee andrea cost and at his pennsylvania home the prosecutor saying the charges stem from cobb's own deposition cars be admitted he had a number of a fierce got what he loves to give to women he wanted to have sex with and it cost and pills at his home from the dozens of women accusing comedy of sexual assault and
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case filed against him. cosby has denied all the allegations with abc news norristown pennsylvania north carolina man to jail for allegedly supporting isis is now linked to an unsolved murder the fbi arrested justin sullivan last year after his father turned the nineteen year old and for allegedly plotting terror attacks in support of ice is now the fbi says new evidence ties sullivan to a murder case they say he shot and killed an elderly neighbor in twenty fourteen near charlotte sullivan also allegedly stole money from that neighbor to pay for his isis attacks a second trial is underway in federal court for the murder of a fridge in the beach put our virginia police officer prosecutors hope to have the jury picked by tonight in the cabin quick trial investigators found dead in linn county in two thousand and fourteen six people are charged in connection with the staff last year a court declared ms
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when one defendant got a hold of the jury pool list of safety issues discovered a tick on the air bag company the outside panel here says the company does not have processes in place to find quality issues with its airbags faulty airbag and flavors are blamed for at least eleven deaths and one hundred and thirty nine injuries in the u s millions of cars were recalled because of the issue the panel sister connor needs to develop new standards for testing the quality and safety of its products rather than relying on auto makers and regulators and a recall to tell you about microsoft is warning of fire dangers with the microsoft surface pro tablet computers the power cords that come with the devices may overheat and spark a fire or shock you at least fifty six people have reported problems more than two million tablets sold before march of twenty fifteen are affected here if you have one call microsoft for a replacement is groundhog day and the famous spots on the field came out to make his weather
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pennsylvania. so are we facing more weeks of winter there is no shadow to be it was terrified as right as rain is rain is on the way according to the groundhog and it's a rare production since eighteen eighty seven but the timing feel has seen his shadow hundred and two times and only predicted seventeen early springs but don't get your hopes up according to usa today phil has only been right about half of the time over the past thirty years and you know who's right. all of the time the weather authority was second with jia yan today working out perfectly evan yesterday said about twenty degrees or more cooler this afternoon that was spot on and tomorrow i'm going to guarantee twenty degrees warmer than what we saw this afternoon so why are you going to like that especially if you like the temperatures yesterday
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right now that will change by this time tomorrow. this evening mainly clear early becoming partly cloudy later on will be breezy and definitely chilly but those temperatures are about as low as we're going to go and then later tonight we're actually see them starting to rise a little bit and current high temperature showing fifty degrees away for the final verdict but looks like we're right at fifty and more effective or take a degree or sell fifty five virginia beach fifty two up in newport news williamsburg as usual coming in with a number quite different than everybody else i never trust that sense or dropping back through the forties then this evening again under clear skies but here's why i'm calling it partly cloudy because later on tonight will start to see some that moisture as the wind shifts more to the southeast and eventually the south and that's why readings will be rising back up to near fifty or even in the fifties already tomorrow by the start of rush hour and by the end of rush hour we should be talking about readings closer to sixty and you know we start the day
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normal for a high temperature in the morning you know we're really talking about some serious warm and sure enough temperatures just about like yesterday up near seventy degrees. maybe a stray shower a few spots during the afternoon but mostly it's going to be more like evening when we see a line of showers and a couple thunderstorms potentially rumbling through wouldn't rule out a heavier thunderstorms are so much wind in the upper levels of the atmosphere even if we get a shower in a pull some those heavier winds down we can see some gusts that are over fifty mph potentially with this line so keep an eye on that notice the temperatures though. for example thursday morning we have some rain around to start the day were in the upper fifties here we are already few hours later in the lower fifties and by late today we're going to fall into the forties with that northerly winds severe weather out here let's take a closer look at it from around tuscaloosa and birmingham north and west but really it's generally a state or so
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occurring right now that will weaken by the time it gets here. that's why we're still saying no chance a couple of heavier thunderstorms but would expect anything like that we hope the vault after tonight fifty degrees by morning forties early rising to fifty degrees and then as we get to tomorrow very very mild rise and seventy one rise in the seventy one and then a chance of some showers and storms very good chance late in the day thursday some showers especially heavier in the morning falling from the fifties into the forties around forty seven chance of a morning shower friday the temperature thirty four early. the media more little bit of a threat of some winter weather right now are leaning against that and then saturday just about normal guys the job for north carolina lawmakers plan to try and improve failing schools. the plan would turn some low performing schools into charter schools the bill is working its way through the general assembly the plan is modeled after programs in tennessee and
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the programs have failed there but the bill's sponsor says something has to be done every year the kids in a school that's not meeting their needs. that's the last year for the student. now if the bill passes in the current session it could impact students as soon as forty eighteen parents want to make sure their children are not victims of bullying but what if your child is the bully. up next a look at how parents can stop their kids from growing into cyber bullies and at six a devastating crisis leaves to families in shock a nine year old boy is dead and his best friend is seriously hurt. now we're hearing from both families. he's a four year old unsolved murder case in elizabeth city for the first time we're hearing new details about who police are
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happened selling mattresses the traditional way isn't the best way. most are made in a large factory, and shipped hundreds of miles to a retailers warehouse, where they're marked up and up before finally selling and delivering them at the original mattress factory we take a straightforward approach. we have eliminated the extra steps and created a direct line from our factory to you.
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cyberbullying is on every parents worry less so how our moms and dads suppose to watch for the impact on their kids more turns out there's some high tech help abc's megan hughes tells us more shipley elementary school in harpers ferry west virginia these third graders already have stories about being cyber bullied. i was kind of kind of sad because he was constant pain that was a little depressed after that you wouldn't believe that reading eric's high school senior in teen pageant winner lexi open shot help students resisted an urge that one the sets out on retaliate experts say children who've been bullied often become
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also been a target. some can do it. however some do it is because of a lock they just think it's funny psychologist dr susan barr tells his children are often still developing impulse control and their parents need to get involved your child who has the bully even if they're doing it for reasons that our childhood reasons that later in life will be meaningless can have a police record. so what if your child is the cyber bully one recent study from more than eighty percent of young people think it's easier to get away with bullying online and bullying in person at school i wanted to create this filter system that would monitor her. so parents would feel a little relief in knowing and trusting that their cake and use the social media platforms and text messaging michelle joel shows as one of several tech solutions for parents or software my social sitter uses algorithms to filter so when a team takes a negative message it gets blocked parents get notified if you
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up with that technology mega news abc news harpers ferry west virginia and that's all we have four to five thirty thirteen is now at six starts with new information on a crash that killed a young boy a tragic accident kills and nine year old boy and sends his best friend to the hospital. the impact of the two car crash of twenty seven straight in the well an avenue through the boys from our minivan out onto the street seven year old kim mclain he is in c h k d with those longs a concussion and more the other child lucas ballard did not survive. we found this post on facebook from his mother saying goodbye to her son family members just told us he was a cancer survivor thirty news now reported christina's for j co has more on this devastating situation a family of lukas ballard mourning the loss of the nine
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been battling cancer since he was to his life cut short though this week because of a car accident police say a truck crashed into his mother's car in norfolk on monday evening. investigators say after the initial collision the ballard family minivan crashed into a pool lucas and his friend who were in the backseat were ejected from the car still in shock them about even as the seven of those qian sister to share mclean he spoke to thirteen years now and she was visiting her brother atc's katie to have rooms long and they had a breathing treatment for his longest of the help people better and he had a concussion and yes some of us well into his brain but the swelling going down it seems now is looking pretty good now alert and awake but on a long road to full recovery from the car accident that claimed the life of his best friend will be their remarks and found out that his baseline only thing he was playing with dark and could be leaving the hospital here as
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tell me they were unable to figure out whether he was wearing his seatbelt at the time of the crash on the other hand the lucas the nine year old boy who died in the crash. please tell me she definitely was buckled up. now police are trying to figure out who is responsible for this crash reporting in norfolk christina's or j co thirteen years now. hampton police have identified the man tell my car last night thirty nine year old wilbur and sanders in newport news died in the crash police said a car hit sanders as he crossed west mercury boulevard near north king street the driver stayed on the scene police have not told as if charges will be filed with the case remains under investigation new information and a murder case that is nearly four years old police are investigating a new lead in the death of a man from elizabeth city. someone shot and killed jonathan carson tune of twenty two off and
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